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The new logo showcases the main ravioli product in a playful icon, combined with a modern serif font—Merriwether. It highlights the z which is the connecting point between pasta and desserts, or ‘zerts’ in the unique company name. Purple represents a feeling of playfulness and royalty, and to stand out amongst competitors when sold in-store. Pasta and fruit icons were created to showcase the marriage of pasta and fruit, and be used as future packaging and web design elements as the company expanded to new types of pasta and flavors.

My Role

Creative Direction

Visual Identity Design

Logo Design

Icon Design

Pattern Design


Pastazerts is a new and unique dessert B2C organization that specializes in chocolate ravioli. They are also expanding into B2B sales. I was approached by Pastazerts to create a logo and visual identity to kick off their business.


“The food products themselves are very beautiful so everything must reflect or be an extension of that beauty. Colors on the plate will be dark brown and bright fruity so aesthetics should work with the product.” - Stephanie B., Owner

Stephanie wanted a visual identity that was unique to the pasta space–something more modern, fun and inviting than the typical pasta branding.

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