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University of St. Francis

During my time as a Graphic Designer at the University of St. Francis I spearheaded the vibrant evolution of the university's visual brand identity across dynamic digital and print solutions. With creativity and passion, I brought to life over 35 branded assets per month, infusing each with great typography, striking composition, and captivating hierarchy. Fostering an atmosphere of enthusiasm, I nurtured proactive relationships with cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless communication and unwavering alignment with project objectives. Ensuring every detail sparkled, I provided flawless press-ready files and conducted detailed press checks, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and cost accuracy.

Additionally, as a dedicated mentor, I guided and inspired design student workers, igniting their passion and talent. Furthermore, I championed sustainability initiatives as the Sustainability Co-Chair, orchestrating awareness events and amplifying our impact through social media management.

Please see a few samples of my work at USF and how I contributed to modernizing the brand to entice the next generation of students to attend the university!

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